Berwick Flora

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Here is a list Flora which was compiled by Barbara Last

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Notes on Millennium Flora

As the millennium approached, Dick and I wondered what would be suitable to mark the occasion for the village. Dick decided to photograph all the houses in the village with their occupants. This he almost completed before he died, and a few declined to be included. For my part, I thought a complete list of all the vascular plants within the parish boundary and note on the habitat. This may prove of interest in the future when no doubt changes will have occurred.

A few years before these projects, soon after we arrived in the village we organised walks round the parish boundary.. This was done in two parts as the extent of the boundary was so long, rather like an elongated sausage and measured 14 miles was longer than most of us wanted to do in a single walk.. Several villagers participated. The boundary was no longer clearly defined and in some places crossed arable fields, in others was lost in the meanders on the river. Ancient boundary stones marked on the maps had long since vanished so it was quite an undertaking and exploration to locate and follow the line. The first walk starting, from Berwick, went north-westwards and ten of us set out. We left the B3083 before reaching the A303,which was crossed. We walked westwards on th enorth side of the trunk road, along the edge of the National Nature Reserve of Parsonage Down, reaching the track alongside Yarnbury Castle. We continued westwards.for about a mile to Deptford Down, then turned back almost parallel, returning to the centre of Yarnbury Castle, a segment of which is withinj the parish of Berwick St. James. And used in medieval times for the sheep fair.. At this point we were met by George Street in his landrover bearing refreshment in the form of a bottle of cherry brandy, a welcome restorative.. Lyanne was among the walkers.