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Old Post Office Stores



This was built, along with Keepers Cottage, shortly before 1898. From then until 1946 it was a farm workers cottage. Around 1900 Geof White a coachman, his Irish born wife Marjorie and their three children lived here. 

When the jockey Ernest “Oakey” Edwards returned to Druid’s Lodge after the war, having lost a leg in Burma, Mr J V Rank set him up with a shop, and he took on the Post Office in 1946, in this house. The Shop sold anything that you might want, buckets and socks and things like that, as well as groceries.

Oakey Edwards died in December 1955 and his wife Edna took over for a year. Then John and Marjorie Duckworth from 1956 to 1969. Then John Duckworth 1956-1969. Charles Okell 1969-1971. John Brandon 1971 - 1973. Norman Hamling 1973-1980. Dineene Hopper 1980-1983. Irene Hoodless 1983-1986

The Post Office and Stores were taken over on 13th December 1986 by Roger and Wendy Odd, and they extended the cottage shortly after.

Roger and Wendy left in 1997 and Judith Coverley took over. Unfortunately the shop did not continue to be a success, the floor area of the shop was reduced considerably and eventually the newspaper delivery service ceased on 17th January 1998, and the Post Office and Shop finally closed on 26th August 1998.

Berwick St James no longer had a Post Office, having had one for one hundred and seventeen years, since July 1881.

The shop was turned into a private house, and sold.


















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