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 Keeper's Cottage - (left cottage in the picture)



This is the southern of the “Black and White Pair”. Both these cottages were built shortly before 1898, on part of The Cottage site, next door. Last month I “did” The Cottage.

Mr Ernest Hooley owned the village between 1896 and 1898, and they were probably built for his employees. They each had five rooms, garden, closet and outhouse. The village was sold under the bankruptcy of Mr Hooley in 1898 and bought by Sir Christopher Furness.

At the turn of this century in Henry Brown lived in Keepers Cottage. He was a carpenter and wheelwright, with his wife Emma, both from Donhead St Mary. They had only recently moved to Berwick from Donhead. They had six children, the eldest, Horace (13) was a carter. Henry Brown died in July 1904 aged only 45.

In the 1921 Sale the two cottages, and The Cottage, were marketed as one lot. One of the cottages was still let to a farm worker, the other let to Mr J M Swayne of Godwins House, presumably for one of his staff. These cottages did not have water laid on even though they had only been built 23 or so years before. They had a right to obtain free water from the Pump in the Village Pump house, opposite. These two cottages were bought by Druid’s Lodge Estate.

Keepers Cottage has been used by Druid’s Lodge staff, or has been let, up to now.
















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