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The site of “Powell’s House” has Langford Way along the north, the road to the east, the path running behind what is now Cherry Trees to the west, and the boundary with Rose House to the south. It therefore includes the present day 1,2 and 3 The Row, the Old Forge Shop and Cherry Trees. Little remains of Powell’s House and its extensive yard, barns and so on. However 2 and 3 The Row were probably one building originally, and that was 18th century, and could well be part of Powell’s House.

In 1729 the Rev Edward Wake and Mary his wife (who actually owned the village) let … all that messuage ..etc… formerly in the possession of Thomas Good to Robert Powell and Elizabeth his wife, and to Robert Powell, son of Elias Powell.

Then James Harris Lord Malmesbury, who had bought the village, leased this property in 1768 to Mrs Ann Powell widow of Robert Powell the younger. It was a Dwelling House with Stables, rick and stavel house, barn and other buildings. Robert Powell had left his leaseholds to his brother, but the owner let them to his widow!

Robert also left his wife Ann £2000 and…all my household goods and furniture that were her own and her fathers and mothers… (wasn’t that kind of him!). He left everything else to his brother.

Although many owners and leaseholders did not live in the houses they leased, Robert Powell, the younger, and Ann probably did live in this house.

Lord Malmesbury then leased Powell’s House, along with Paveys (Magna House) to William Hinton and Ann his daughter. They did not live here but rented it out, and in 1785 Lord Malmesbury allowed them to sub-let to Richard Coombs (the local farmer) who used it for his employees.  Richard Coombs continued to lease it, as part of the main farm, until his death in 1799. Then John Godwin had it with the farm, until Mr Pinckney took over.

The house deteriorated so that by the early 19th century Powell’s House had been replaced by or converted into two cottages.

The yard and buildings developed separately from the cottages, although both sites were owned by Lord Ashburton.


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