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Shepherd's Cottage is the little cottage on the right roughly where the horse is.

This was probably built in the early 1600’s, one room with a “semi-attic”, it was extended many years ago, and the rear part built recently. It is likely that the plot remains the same size now.

In the 1700’s it was leased by Joyce Everett, then Thomas Gilbert from the land owner. It may have been the Blacksmith’s House and Shop (forge) then - in which case Robert and Jean Selwood lived and worked here. Then the Dyer family lived and worked here. In 1791 Henry Dyer leased “A Cottage, Garden, Blacksmith’s Shop and Orchard” from Lord Malmesbury. His son William, also a blacksmith took over, he died in 1845. His son George then took over, in 1851 he was a self employed Blacksmith employing one man, his brother Charles. Charles moved to Heytesbury and set up as the blacksmith there. He died in 1926 aged 100.

George and his family continued to live here for many years, the blacksmithing continuing in the family, But in 1875 his wife Emily died, and George was living on his own here in 1891 - no longer a blacksmith on his own account, but employed by the farm. By 1898 the forge had gone, as the farm had its own where Old Forge Farm Shop now is. George Dyer died in 1914 aged 91. His daughter Annie

married Albert Miles, a blacksmith, and they were living here in 1901.

In the 1920’s Mr Cutler, the gamekeeper for the Collins’ family lived here, He had mutton chop whiskers and drove a donkey cart. Then Mr Maddock, the shepherd, lived here for many years. It was not sold when the bulk of the village was sold in 1945, but was let. Later it was sold, and is now a private house.


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