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Family History
Written by: Valerie C
Date: 23.08.2011 12.20

Love this ancestors were the STANMORE/STANMER family, at Berwick in the 1700's until the 1840's. Unable to trace earlier due to parish records, does anyone know of Stanmore info pre-1724, were they incomers? My direct ancestor married Hester GILBERT 16 April 1800, who may have been an 'alias Netton'. Any idea why that surname form persisted through generations?

Comment: Hi, Thanks for your contribution - I Will bring your query to the attention of our village historian. All the best - Chris

Carter and White Families
Written by: Diane Law
Date: 16.06.2011 17.54

Hello, I googled this site recently as I have relatives from Wylye and Berwick St James and was very pleasantly surprised to find a number of them listed living at various properties in the village. I was able to extract additional information to add to my family tree. I have found this site very interesting and useful. If anyone has any Carter or White relatives in their family tree I would be very interested to hear from them. Many thanks, Diane

Berwick Fete & Dog Show
Written by: Dog Show lover
Date: 05.06.2011 09.41

What a great Day! thank you to all the organisers of the Fete and and Dog show... we had a fabulous day in a wonderful village

The Dyer family (blacksmiths)
Written by: Sheila Leech
Date: 05.05.2011 17.45

I have enjoyed your website, particularly the history and who lived where. My G G G Grandfather was William Dyer and his eldest son, George, were blacksmiths. William married Maria Blanchard, and George married Emily Keel. So I have found out more about the Dyers, Blanchards and Keels. George's eldest son Henry (my G Grandfather) was born in Berwick St James. He was also a blacksmith and moved to live and raise his family in Bournemouth around 1880s.

Happy Days at Berwick St James
Written by: Molly Rickwood
Date: 26.02.2011 21.43

I spent many happy summer holidays with my parents when we stayed with my mother's cousin, Constance (Connie) Chislett nee Kitley. Connie and her husband, Fred, lived in a thatched house which had been a shop. Sadly, the thatch was neglected, rain got into the walls and the front wall of the house collapsed. Eventually they were re-housed in a bungalow in Stapleford but holidays were never the same. The web-site is a poignant memory of many happy days. Thank you everyone concerned. I have a very old photograph of Connie Kitley with her grandfather, in the garden of the house in Berwick Street if it would be of interest to village historians.

Thank you from the Rolfe's
Written by: Janet Waters (Rolfe)
Date: 25.01.2011 18.41

I am researching my Rolfe family ancestors who came from Berwick. It was great to find out about the houses that Richard my great x 3 grandfather and Samuel probably my 5 x grandfather lived in. We must visit - it looks a lovely place. Are there any Rolfe's still there? If so please contact me and thanks again for all the research.

Berwick on Twitter!
Written by: twitter fan
Date: 17.01.2011 23.17

Good to see that Berwick now has Twitter... well done

Written by: A Fan
Date: 08.11.2010 23.27

I love the new section on the history of the Berwick Landonwers. Well done Nicky..

Written by: Simon Batter
Date: 10.09.2010 08.36

What is now Rose House was once called Anrolin, named after the Batter family living there in the early 60s (Angela, Ron and Eileen). I was born later and never got my name merged into that of the house.

Written by: Simon Hamling
Date: 25.08.2010 22.28

I lived in the Post Office with my parents, from 1973 - 1979.
I enjoyed reading about its history. The exterior and interior were used for the film 'Triple Echo' (1972) starring Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed. I miss the walk up to Asserton and the wonderful beech trees and 'giant-puffball' mushrooms we used to find there.

Marshall family
Written by: Paul Whitston
Date: 17.07.2010 11.59

Great website! My Great Great Great Grandad lived in the Durrington/Bulford area but was Born here in 1801. His name was Thomas Marshall. If anyone has any extra info it would be greatly recieved. Thankyou. Paul.

Written by: Tom Ellis
Date: 23.02.2010 22.12

I found your site by chance while looking for details about the pub. It's great, you have a fantastic village and it must be loads of work to keep all the community activities going. I am in the Army and have never had the chance to stay anywhere for long - I would love the opportunity to live in and contribute to such a friendly and vibrant community as yours - maybe one day! best wishes and thank you again.

Comment: That's a very nice comment - We are a very welcoming community

Very Interesting web site
Written by: Elaine
Date: 11.02.2010 11.31

I found your web site because I am researching my family tree. The information about the houses is great. Unfortuneatly my ancesters did not show up anywhere. One surname Light was there but I cannot see a connection with mine. The other two surnames are Hibberd and Pretty. We visited the church on saturday but the grave stones are too old to read, but we enjoyed your lovely village.

Thanks to all in Berwick
Written by: Keith Arscott
Date: 22.11.2009 21.03

My wife Mary and I just wanted to say thank you for all the kindness, help and love given by so many of the residents of Berwick St James to our sister/sister-in-law Caroline and her daughters Harriet, Daisy and Grace following the sudden and shocking death of Barry Spalton.
Everything you did was heartfelt and a real and profound comfort to us all.
Barry had a marvelous send off yesterday from a village he loved and from the community he had entered into so wholeheartedly.
Thank you all so much once again.
Kindest regards,

Gryphon Cottage
Written by: Rory Estcourt
Date: 21.02.2009 19.20

Gryphon Cottage was bought from Mr and Mrs Lee in 1976 by Colonel and Mrs E J Estcourt who lived there with their boys Rory and Angus until they sold it to Mr and Mrs Seymour Taylor in June 1986



Lady Regina d'Albert Schaerer

02-02-2009 - 04:29
Regina d'Alber Schaerer
Duchesse d'Albert de Tartas
Canadian Delegate
Interrnat.Red Cross
Finlayson Arm rd 880 Victoria v9b6e6
BC Canada
Dear Sir ...madam
in 1956 I lived in Berwick st James With a Family By the name of Richard Willoughby and worked on His Chicken Farm ,The house was on the main-street across from the farm house (Manor house ??)
the Willoughby's had one son who was 7 year old at the time, Mrs.Willoughby was in a wheelchair ,,the lady was stricken down with Polio during her Family's stay in Africa , I would really appreciate ,any info on the family ,and what ever happen after I left ,the son would be now about 61 years old
Thank you respectfully
Regina d'Albert Schaerer

Barbara Last

01-02-2009 - 16:52
I am concerned about the loss old trees, particulaly the beeches up past Asserton. Was it really necessary? or just vested interest. I'm sure the chances of them falling on anyone on the track was miniscule.
I have compiled a 'Flora of Berwick St James' as a marker for the millennium. Would it be of interest to add this to the website?

Enid Bell

27-01-2009 - 16:56
MyG,G,Uncle lived and worked in your village from around 1850 onwards having married a Sophia Humphries.I believe her father John Humphries worked on the estate, and probable William Bowden my GGGrandfather as well. Could you give me any info please. thankyou Enid.

Brian Wahby

27-12-2008 - 15:24
Enjoyed your website. My wife and I spent our honeymoon touring England and Wales by car in December of 1995. Our first night on the trip was spent at the Mill House in Berwick St. James. We were well kept by Ms. Dianna Gifford-Mead (sp).
A couple years later while trying to determine a name for our first-born, I came across the name Berrick in book of names. I mentioned it to my wife, we immediately remembered our lovely stay in Berwick St. James and felt a better name wouldn't be found.
On March 5, 1997 Berrick Adkins Wahby was born in St. Louis, Missouri USA. He is now a strapping 11 year-old boy making plans to enter middle school in the fall.
We haven't made it back, but do sometime hope to bring Berrick to Berwick.

David Jones

18-10-2008 - 20:42
An admirable example of an English village newsletter website. I came across it whilst surfing for information on Bulford and Durrington. I lived opposite Bulfoird church and later in Salisbury from 1961 to 1965. I was part of the ROYAL NAVY staff at the ARMY's Southern Command HQ at Wilton!

What really grabbed my attention was the reference to a Martin Gairdner and his 70th birthday. When I joined the RN in 1957, one of the National Servicemen who 'joined' with me was a Martin Gairdner - could it be the same? I have no wish to intrude after all these years but if you find it IS - give him my regards and good wishes for the future. may be a small world after all?

Wish you continued success with the website

David Jones

David Humphries

12-10-2008 - 17:34
An Interesting site. Several generations of my ancestors came from Berwick St James

Pauline Stephenson

22-07-2008 - 15:58
A useful and interesting site and well done to those that have set this up.
I have a question though. Why do I have to scroll across the page to read it? I have tried reducing the text size in my viewer but the page is still being stretched. I suspect it may be something to do with the photos that are on it as this occasionally happens in a forum to which I belong.


02-05-2008 - 22:25
Looks very professional , great


02-05-2008 - 22:23
loved the web site




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